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Our Mission

The Pinole History Museum will enhance the preservation and collection of artifacts that represent Pinole history and culture. Museum exhibits and research opportunities will educate and inspire Pinole residents’ community affiliation and civic pride.

2019 Pinole History Museum Fundraising Dinner

Saturday, November 2
5-8 p.m.
St. Joseph School, 1961 Plum Street, Pinole

“The ability to examine and view artifacts brings history to life. Seeing, touching, and feeling artifacts make them real and relatable. Just as we trace our family roots and ancestry, we can also trace the roots of our city and the history of those who came before us. Libraries and museums maintain a record of who and what we are.”

Vincent Salimi, Pinole City Council member


"A museum is the only conduit to the past. A past that was rich in history, people, and mostly relationships — all things too precious to be shoved aside and soon to be forgotten."

Mike LeFebvre, former PVHS softball coach and son of Pinole Merchants' legend
"Big Red" LeFebvre


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